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IOS Forestry & Environment combines expertise in economic development with the most up-to-date science and technology in environmental management, climate change and forestry to create impacts globally. Our affiliate, IOS Partners, Inc., has facilitated economic and financial reforms in over 100 countries and has undertaken over 180 assignments worldwide, since 1999.

We believe that the forestry sector is a critical component to sustainable economic development that is capable of providing a diverse set of income streams and employment opportunities that have long-term value creating impact on forest dependent communities. We want to implement land use policies and market incentives to solve conflicts at the intersection of natural resource management and poverty alleviation

We believe that forest/environmental management solutions should be designed and implemented that emphasize a long-term vision; one that balances forest production and ecosystem services with human communities.

We bring our extensive experience in Sustainable Economic Development, Private Sector Development, Public Private Partnerships, Public Sector Governance, International Trade & Investment Promotion and Agricultural Development to the Forestry Sector.

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